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Boiler Service

Boiler service Chesterfield- The cost

We take into account the type of appliance which requires a service. For example a back boiler will take longer than a modern combination boiler so we charge accordingly. We can also offer a discount for multiple appliances so please feel free to call us on 07511 354 255.   As a general rule of thumb though;

  • Modern condensing domestic boilers with a magnetic filter £70
  • Older non condensing domestic boilers  £80
  • Vaillant boilers 4-5 years old requiring a sealing gasket replacement  £99
  • Baxi back boiler units with working fires attached  £85

For combi boilers, heat only boilers, or system boilers;

  • Clean any magnetic filters on the system, drop and clean the condense trap, clean  any debris on the burner rail or in the combustion case
  • Test any safety devices including flame failure devices, high limit stats, APS
  • Conduct a flue gas analysis of the products of combustion
  • Look for and if possible repair any leaks that may have occurred in the boiler
  • Clean electrical connections, vent tubes with compressed air
  • Clean spark electrodes, flame rectification sensors
  • Apply fan lubrication to boiler fan if needed
  • Check fan pressure
  • Clean flue ways / terminal if required
  • Perform gas valve checks
  • Calculate working Po at P1 point and heat input
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